Good day,

In this meeting I will report to you the tasks that I did in one day in the agreed upon project.

Generally speaking, today, I finished the main components in the user interface, changed the design of the website and divided the pages in repositories to make them accessible and easily maintained.

Technically, the user interface is designed according to some ready-to-use templates. Those templates are well designed and easy to use, so the user experience was and is the most important aspect of my work.

I talked about the general design of the website: In that area, I used bootstrap applied to the main library I use to program.

Finally, dividing the pages in different repositories, will allow you (product owner) to have an easy way to change or maintain these pages/ components.

To summarize, the work that is being done, is advacing at a good rate and my services and work are sustainable. You can use them directly and maintain them independently of the employee you hire to do that job.